COLLEGE  /   -SANTAN Intelligent Lighting X Shi Jian Fang X 京ONE Mansion Design debut ceremony

640.jpgOn August 25th, the Joint Release and Launch Ceremony of Mansion Designs by SANTAN Lighting, Shi Jian Fang and ONE, and China New Product Launch of SANTAN Intelligent Lighting was successfully held in Beijing · SANTAN Intelligent Lighting Experience Museum.

Design has attitude, Vocalization has depth

SANTAN Lighting, together with the founders of Shi Jian Fang and ONE, once again spoke and discussed design.

SANTAN Light Build Plan transmits the value of light and empowers the design community.

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Founding member ofONE: Mr. Wenwu, Founder of Interior Design of Wenwu Space; Mr. Meng Kexin, Founder of MONK DESIGN&ART; Mr. You Er, Founder of Beijing One Space Design;

Mr. Sun Puchun, Founder of Beijing Pujun Tianyi Design Institute; Mr. Lin Shanghuai, Founder / Design Director of LSH Design; Mr. Guo Zhenbin, Founder / Design Director of Guo Zhenbin Studio; Mr. Lin Yilong, Co-Founder/Design Director of Anton Red House.

(Ranked in no particular order)

Signed in and took a group phot

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ONE Mansion Design Site Investigation

ONE Mr. Sun Puchun made a site survey of the projects under construction in the Green Water Manor and shared the completed design projects.

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SANTAN Lighting Ms. Zhang Xinyue delivered a speech

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Duty President Conferring Ceremony

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Left: Mr.You Er, Founder of Beijing One Space Design

Right: Mr. Sun Puchun, Founder of Beijing Pujun Tianyi Design Institute

京 ONE exchange and sharing meeting

In depth design communication

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Ms. Liao Wei

Initiator of Mango Prize & Shi Jian Fang Practical Competition

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Mr. You Er

Founder of Beijing JING One Space Design

Founding member of京ONE

Mr. You Er believes that the high-level expression of light in space is:Abandon its shape and pick up its shadows

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Mr.Meng Kexin 

Founder of Monk Desigh &Art

Founding member ofONE

In fact, people should have their own pattern in how to grasp style and establish taste. This pattern involves abandonment and increase.

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Mr. Sun Puchun

Founder of Beijing Pujun Tianyi Design Institute

Founding member ofONE

Lighting design is a topic that every senior designer will study. After all, if the lighting design is done well, the overall effect of the design will be very good.

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Mr. Lin Yilong

Co-Founder/Design Director of Anton Red House

Founding member ofONE

Good design can always achieve the balance of functions, materials, technology, environment and budget.

Right: Mr. Romer

Senior Architect

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Mr. Wenwu

Founder of interior design of Wenwu Space

Founding member ofONE

The design concept of Wenwu is: rational professional quality is the skeleton, and perceptual aesthetic taste is used to improve the taste of space.

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Mr. Lin Shanghuai

Founder / Design Director of LSH Design

Founding member ofONE

Let art aesthetics and practical functions merge to the maximum extent, and create warm space design works with different styles of design languages.

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Ms. Chen Shuhan

Independent Designer

The reason why light is a magical and indispensable design element is precisely because of its singleness and purity. Designers will use their own methods to make light present thousands of possibilities and make light become a part of their own works

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Ms. Cao Yufang

Hardcover design director of Beijing Capital Land Ltd

Executive director of BBC Yi Wu Jian strategic cooperation project

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Mr. Wang Shan

Operation Director of Super Character (Beijing) Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

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Mr. Mu Xiwang

Investment director of Beijing LANBO Technology Co., Ltd

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Mr. Chen Zhong

Head of marketing of Beijing SANTAN Intelligent Lighting Experience Museum

Beijing SANTAN Intelligent Lighting Experience Museum

Viewed New product

Explore SANTAN Intelligent Lighting Experience

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SANTAN creates intelligent lighting integration

Expand the new era of intelligence

Advancing with The Times, continuous innovation, SANTAN Lighting with the existing mature intelligent technology, layout all over the country to develop intelligent lighting integration market. Excellent and healthy lighting quality, lighting design, light distribution selection and digital intelligent T-BUS system, to create a modern building indoor, outdoor, art environment space, full of intelligent and humanized user experience, for users to output more professional and healthy quality services

SANTAN Lighting creates intelligent lighting integration. Relying on innovative technology and reliable design over the years, it not only ensures product quality, but also provides users with intelligent, humanized, safe, healthy, comfortable and pleasant high-quality light environment services. "Extreme service + extreme experience" is our core concept. Intelligence is the only way for industrial development in the Internet era. Combining intelligence with art aesthetics, we will create a new generation of people-oriented intelligent and healthy light environment and reshape the value of light.




SANTAN Lighting integrates production, research, development and sales, and offers safe and reliable products & professional lighting solutions and services for Museums, Galleries, Star Hotels, Luxury Villas, Clubs, High-End Brand Showrooms and commercial spaces.And brings you a different lifestyle and health science living space.


SANTAN LIGHTING Representative Projects

The Palace MuseumBeijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition CenterThe Central Party School, Conference Hall of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National CommitteeXinhua News Agency, National Security Center of China, National Centre of Chinese Traditional CultureChina Railway Group, Nankai UniversityLongdongbao International AirportTaiKoo HuiTEDA Real EstateKaisa Real EstateHilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Versace, Armani, etc...


SANTAN T-BUS is an intelligent control system based on the industrial standard RS485 BUS. T-BUS is an integrated intelligent control system of lighting, shading, background music, audio-visual equipment, environmental monitoring, air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air, security and garden irrigation.

T-BUS can not only realize the overall control of smart home, but also introduce lighting design elements into the intelligent system. From the perspective of light art, it combines lighting design with intelligence to create a light environment suitable for various occasions, spaces and specific needs.

T-BUS system is developed from the perspective of experience to create a more comfortable, convenient, safe humanized living space.