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CIES China Illuminating Engineering Society training course for National Certified Lighting Designer Level IIfrom October 18 to October 29, the 12-day course was successfully completed on October 27 at the SANTAN Lighting College, 9 / F, Star Alliance, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City.

SANTAN Lighting gathered more than 100 students to carry out special training courses on lighting design to help dealers improve their comprehensive service ability and enrich their knowledge of lighting solutions.

We graduated

CIES China Illuminating Engineering Society training course for National Certified Lighting Designer Level II 


Mr. Zhu Zhongwu , Chairman of SANTAN Lighting, took a group photo with the trainees

SANTAN Lighting College, founded by Mr. Zhu Zhongwu, Chairman of SANTAN Lighting,is a training base for lighting designers authorized and registered by China Illuminating Engineering Society to train more excellent professional design talents for the lighting industry.

Training Class Silhouette

National top faculty on-site teaching


Mr. Shi Hengzhao

President of Electrical branch of China Building Decoration Association

General Manager / Design Director of Zhaoyiheng Lighting Design (Beijing) Co., LTD/uploads/image/2022/11/23/bc90f3cf6425702b93d99e23cda19db3.jpg

Mr. Shao Minjie

Professor level senior engineer

National Certified electrical engineer/national first-class lighting designer


Mr. Shao Minjie

Professor level senior engineer

National Certified electrical engineer/national first-class lighting designer


Mr. Zhong Pingyong

National First-class Certified lighting designer

Design Director of Shenzhen Icee Lighting Design Consulting Co., Ltd


Mr. Guo Fei

American Certified Lighting Designer

Master and Doctor of Architecture Technology Science, Tongji University

During the 12-day lighting special course, SANTAN invited the national top teaching team, industry famous lighting designers and lighting professors to come our lighting college to make a special speech for lighting designersMr. Shi Hengzhao, President of Electrical branch of China Building Decoration Association, Ms. Zhang Yi, CDirector of Lighting Center of ECADI( Shanghai East China Architectural Design Institute), Mr. Guo Fei,American Certified Lighting Designer,Master and Doctor of Architecture Technology Science, Tongji University,Mr.Shao Minjie, Director of the Architectural Physics Branch of the Chinese Architecture Society, Mr. Bian Yu, Director of the Architectural Physics Branch of the Chinese Architecture Society,Mr.Yang Jianxun ,Co founder/Technical Director of Shenzhen Super Ordinary Space Design Co., Ltd. ,Mr Zhong Yongping, National First Class Registered Lighting Designer, Mr Zheng Qiuwei, aational First Class Registered Lighting Designer, (ranked in no particular order),






The course content includes lighting design knowledge, lighting design elements, lighting electrical design, interior designers and lighting practice, commercial space lighting design, residential and villa space lighting design, hotel and club space lighting design, office and education space lighting design, garden landscape lighting design, SANTAN 4.0 - intelligent lighting scene application, healthy residential lighting environment, museum lighting design and other case applications, Comprehensively improve the professional knowledge and business ability of lighting designers.




The training is carried out by the way of "professional lecture + practical drill + training examination". The teaching is mainly based on project case analysis. The teachers guide the students to complete the lighting design scheme on the spot, so that the students can quickly grasp the advantages of the solution and more knowledge of the lighting application of the product, strengthen the service ability, and ensure the practical application of the lighting product. Improve the accuracy of the implementation of the scheme.

Graduation Ceremony

Theory and practice  learn in order to practise


Mr. Ge Taicheng, Director of brand operation of SANTAN

Mr. Ge Taicheng,Director of SANTAN lighting brand operation summarized the 12 day training, encouraging students to make progress in theory and practice, apply what they have learned, and provide customers with more professional and high-quality services.



Through the comprehensive assessment, theoretical examination and practical examination, the students completed the examination on October 27th, and obtained the certificate of honor and the certificate of completion.

We firmly believe that the scientific and systematic professional training will comprehensively improve the students' ability to output professional and high-quality lighting solutions for customers, greatly improve the comprehensive design level, think sky lighting designers will also become the industry's composite talents.

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Thank you very much to the teachers of this training, the staffs in front of the stage and behind the scenes of countless days and nights of hard work,  and thank the national lighting designers for their trust and support. Let's move forward and look forward to a better future.



SANTAN Lighting integrates production, research, development and sales, and offers safe and reliable products & professional lighting solutions and services for Museums, Galleries, Star Hotels, Luxury Villas, Clubs, High-End Brand Showrooms and commercial spaces.And brings you a different lifestyle and health science living space.

SANTAN LIGHTING Representative Projects

The Palace MuseumBeijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition CenterThe Central Party School, Conference Hall of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National CommitteeXinhua News Agency, National Security Center of China, National Centre of Chinese Traditional CultureChina Railway Group, Nankai UniversityLongdongbao International AirportTaiKoo HuiTEDA Real EstateKaisa Real EstateHilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Versace, Armani, etc...


SANTAN T-BUS is an intelligent control system based on the industrial standard RS485 BUS. T-BUS is an integrated intelligent control system of lighting, shading, background music, audio-visual equipment, environmental monitoring, air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air, security and garden irrigation.

T-BUS can not only realize the overall control of smart home, but also introduce lighting design elements into the intelligent system. From the perspective of light art, it combines lighting design with intelligence to create a light environment suitable for various occasions, spaces and specific needs.

T-BUS system is developed from the perspective of experience to create a more comfortable, convenient, safe humanized living space.